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Iris is a 2D side-scrolling adventure platformer that tells a story about Iris traveling to an exquisite world, Chromaland to save her sister. Iris, a young promising archer utilizes a magical bow to reveal the otherworldly creatures and environmental objects through the eyes found within the world of Iris.

Available on Windows and Linux.

Featured Indie Game @ GameJolt   -  Featured Screenshot @ Indiecade SSS Showcase


爱莉是一个2D边卷动的冒险平台游戏 (Windows, Linux) ,讲述了一个年轻有为的射手,爱莉, 为了拯救她的妹妹,去了一个又优美又神秘的世界,彩昧园。爱莉能够利用一个神奇的弓箭,来射穿那些漂浮的眼睛,以便露出彩昧园的怪物和环境物体。


Preview Iris on GameJolt
Preview Iris on GameJolt
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Preview Iris on GameJolt

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